Extensive Marketplace Research

Ask. Zon.Tools is available Internationally for following marketplaces:

  • -North America (US, CA, MX)
  • -Europe (UK, DE, FR, SP, IT, NL, SE)
  • -Japan
  • -India
  • -Australia
  • -Emirates(UAE)
  • -Saudi Arabia
Thousands of Keywords

All Keyword suggestion are pulled from real search queries of Amazon shoppers.

We only look at Amazon data, in real time.

Sources other than Amazon are not taken into account.

Keyword Effectiveness Score

Amazon ranks the most effective keywords for each ASIN from 1 to 1000, with 1000 being the most effective.

We report to you the data, as it comes from Amazon, without any tampering.

TOP Competitors ASIN Report

We ask Amazon for the ASINs top competitors.Quickly see the top dogs’:

  • -Main Image
  • -Title
  • -Price
  • -Star Rating
  • -Review Count
TOP Competitors BRAND Report

Get a list if your most relevant categories (the ones you should most likely list in) and the TOP Brand names within each.

Quickly check each Brand’s Amazon storefront with just a click.